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Our Top 5 Reasons to Buy Local

Farmers markets and CSA programs are popping up all across the country due to the ever-increasing demand for locally grown food. People are already experiencing the many advantages to buying and eating what naturally grows in their area and if you haven’t done so already, perhaps now is the time to see what it means to buy local. We believe there are plenty of reasons in doing so and have narrowed it down to our top five:

#1. Eat Seasonally

Seasons change and so do crops. The same should go for your menu. Buying locally grown produce gives you the opportunity to try new things throughout the growing season.

#2. Promote Sustainable Agriculture

By visiting your local farmers market or joining a CSA program, you help sustain farmland and farming families to ensure the future of farming in your region.

#3. From the Farm to Your Table

Rather than traveling miles and miles to a grocery store, purchasing a fresh bunch of spinach means it’s coming directly from the farm to your table.

#4. Supporting the Local Economy

Money spent on fresh produce from family farms is money that goes right back into the community. Help keep the local economy alive by simply opting for locally grown versions of your favorite fruits and veggies.

#5. Directly Engage with Growers

Purchasing produce that was grown close to home gives you the chance to engage with the people who grew it. You learn more about the food you eat and build a sense of community with local family farms.

Shop for Locally Grown Veggies with Us

The growing season is in full swing and this is the perfect time for anyone who has been thinking about how to add more locally grown produce to his or her favorite recipes. For more information about our wholesale services, or to join our CSA program, contact Tenaza Organics today.

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