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Every Day is Earth Day at Tenaza Organics

Earth Day 2015 organic foodApril 22nd is International Earth Day and what once started as a movement that placed environmental concerns front and center has evolved into a global effort for building a more sustainable future. At Tenaza Organics, we believe in celebrating Earth Day every day with organic farming practices that are beneficial to the community and environment.

In an effort to promote environmental responsibility, we are changing the way vegetables are grown and distributed throughout South Texas by partnering with wholesalers and starting a CSA share program. For us, Earth Day doesn’t just come once a year.

Make the commitment to celebrate Earth Day all year long with us. Join the organic foods movement by supporting local, family farms.

Organic Agriculture Today for a Better Tomorrow

At Tenaza Organics, we believe Mother Nature knows best when it comes to how our food is cultivated, which is why we stay away from using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on our vegetables. By doing this, not only do we lessen our ecological impact, you and your family also benefit from eating organic vegetables free of harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Buy Local and Protect the Earth with Us

What are you doing to protect the Earth? One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint AND live a healthier, greener lifestyle is to buy local, organic vegetables. For more information about our wholesale services, or for more info about our CSA program, contact Tenaza Organics at 956.432.4983.

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