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Organic Food: The Fastest and Freshest

Purchasing organic food can be a new way to get excited about what you eat. At Tenaza Organics, you can get your hands on tasty veggies by joining our CSA program, or by contacting us about our wholesale services anytime. Of course, you may already know the benefits of organic and locally grown produce. If you don’t, we’ve compiled a few facts on why your organic veggies’ journey to your table makes the organic process a beautiful thing.


With the conventional harvesting of standard non-organic vegetables, the time period from when veggies are plucked to when they hit your plate is never certain. So much is often produced through conventional methods that the need to package the produce with chemicals for the long journey to stores, markets, etc. is needed.

At Tenaza, our veggies are plucked out of the ground one day and are already available to eat the next. That way, when it gets to your table, you can happily grub knowing that your broccoli, spinach, etc. are as fresh as can be.


Non-organic produce shipment is a tricky thing. Not only are the quantities huge, there are also long distances between farm and store. That means more travel time for your veggies, sitting in those artificial chemicals added for the long road.

Tenaza Farms takes the fast approach. When you buy organically, your veggies aren’t sitting in a dark truck or storage unit for 3 days or more. Buying locally means you’re getting food produced in your own neighborhood. It’s the closest thing to having your own garden. The closeness in vicinity leads to…

Shelf Life!

Tenaza Organics prides itself on offering you the fresh veggies you deserve. The average shelf life of our veggies is 7-8 days thanks to how we harvest and immediately ship to wholesalers! For organic farmers like us, seeing happy and healthy smiles from tasty local produce on your table makes our farming efforts more than worth it. With facts like these, it’s hard not to get excited about yummy farm-to-table produce!


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