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Tips for Picking Summer Fruits and Vegetables

Eating locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables has many benefits. Aside from saving money on groceries and getting better tasting food, you and your family will enjoy more nutritious produce all summer long. The warm summer months yield some of the best picks for fruits and vegetables, which means endless possibilities for healthy eating.

Share your favorite summer recipes using seasonal fruits and veggies!

Pick Like a Pro

At Tenaza Organics, we believe shopping for seasonal fruits and veggies gives you and your family an opportunity to experience a greater variety of produce throughout the summer. These helpful tips will ensure that you know what to look for to make the best picks on your next trip to the grocery store or farmers market:

  • Rely on Your Senses – How a particular fruit or veggie looks, smells and feels are major indicators of its ripeness. Brightly colored veggies and fragrant fruits will taste better due to being picked ripe when harvested.
  • Talk to Your Local Farmer – Visit your local farmers market for information about what’s in season. You not only learn about where your food is grown, but also gain insight on tips for preparing and getting the most out of your fruits and veggies.
  • There’s an App for That – The ultimate guide to shopping for fresh, local produce is now at your fingertips. There are a few smartphone and tablet apps that make choosing which fruits and veggies to purchase easier than ever.

Enjoy the Best Produce All Summer Long

Eating in-season produce is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy better tasting fruits and veggies picked at the peak of freshness. For more information about seasonal fruits and vegetables, contact Tenaza Organics at 956.432.9483.



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