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Summer’s End: Preparing Your Veggie Garden for Fall–Part 2

In part one of our garden preparation series, we brought you important information about the cleaning and mulching you can do to help your harvest be plentiful and delicious. Now, the organic farming experts at Tenaza Organics have readied even more tips to help you take your garden to its fullest potential. Make the most out of summer’s end today and get ready for your delicious and succulent fall harvest.

Help your garden welcome the cooler months with open arms! Give us a call to learn more about organic farming and its many benefits today.

Loosen and Amend Your Soil

Chances are your soil was flattened during the summer season. To allow new plants to root and water to flow through, loosen your soil by doing some minor tilling. If you’re up for the task, take time to amend and test your soil. You can use a soil pH test to properly examine your dirt, but remember that it takes time for amendments to have an effect.

You can additionally replenish your soil with compost or ready-to-use manure. Make sure to plan the layout of your garden prior to placing compost. The last thing you want is to have no compost on areas where your plants will be.

Winter Prep

Perhaps you’re thinking about using a hoop cover or a cold frame to protect your garden from the winter frost. If that’s the case, this is the perfect time to prepare for those icy winter chills. Place the protective structures (without the covers or tarps) out now to ensure that your plant’s roots and foliage aren’t disturbed at a later time.

Go Organic!

Now that you’ve followed our advice, your beautiful garden is ready to welcome the cool fall months with open arms. At Tenaza Organics, we take pride in making the most delicious and freshest vegetables available for our whole community. If you’re ready to take part in our wholesale services or need additional help with your very own garden, contact our family farm at 956.432.4983 today.

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