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What Does the Fall Harvest Have in Store for You?

Fall has officially commenced, and with it comes those cool and cozy nights, the beauty of falling leaves and, of course, the long-awaited football season. But don’t think those are the only things the fall season has in store for us. The cooler temperatures of fall can bring you and your family some fresh and crisp vegetables that will surely put some delicious dishes on the table for all of your loved ones to enjoy.

It’s time to bring home all the delicious vegetables the cooler months have to offer! Give us a call for more information today.

A Plentiful Harvest

If your kitchen is prepped and ready to receive the fall’s harvest with open arms, have a look at the following for inspiration:

  • Beets – This perfect (and delicious) source of vitamins A and C will make an excellent addition to many dishes.
  • Broccoli – From full-size entrees to healthy snacks, broccoli’s flexibility in the vegetable world will have your loved ones asking for more.
  • Cabbage – The cool fall months are perfect for growing cabbage, something that you and your loved ones can try out at home.
  • Carrots – A crowd favorite, carrots are one of the most popular and tastiest crops that fall offers.
  • Leeks – The little guy of the onion family can give an extra boost of flavor to almost any dish you prepare.
  • Lettuce – As a mainstay in salads and snacks, you’d be crazy not to sink your teeth into this delicious vegetable during the fall season.
  • Radishes – This vegetable is not only cute, but can also be a great addition to your casseroles, salads or simple snacks.
  • Spinach – Popeye’s favorite vegetable thrives in the cooler months. Take advantage of its high iron, vitamin A and vitamin C contents.
  • Chard – This leafy green vegetable has been an integral part of Mediterranean food for ages. Now it’s time to make it an important component of your family’s tasty and healthy diet.

Vegetables Galore!

Since its inception, Tenaza Farms has built a reputation for providing the best produce. As a family-owned operation and one of the leading organic produce farms in the Rio Grande Valley, Tenaza will continue to bring the freshest and tastiest vegetables from our farm directly to your dinner table. Looking for more information about what we do and who we are? Give us a ring at 956.432.4983 today.

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