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Demand for Organic Produce on the Rise in the Rio Grande Valley

Almost ten years have passed since the idea for a major organic produce food store opening in the Valley was introduced. In 2007, Whole Foods Market made a proposal to rebrand the Sun Harvest grocery store (now renamed Sprouts Market) with the hopes of buying out the company and turning it into a part of the Whole Foods chain. The proposal did not come to fruition because local data and market analysis showed there wasn’t enough of a demographic for an organic food store in the Rio Grande Valley.

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More Organic Choices

Since the initial idea of opening a Whole Foods store in McAllen was presented, we’ve continued to see the demand for organic produce growing each year. Now, more than ever, we’ve seen the emergence of local farmer’s market events, and organic produce companies like ourselves provide both families and businesses with fresh, healthy greens. Even the latest installment of the McAllen Farmers Market at the McAllen Public Library is on its fourth successful year with a rapidly growing clientele.

Hopeful Veggie Lovers

Data from 2007 showed that McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley did not seem to have the target market Whole Foods was seeking. Ashley Hawkins, a spokeswoman for the company, stated, “Real estate division tends to target areas with high education levels.”


More than 40% of all residents 25 years and older in the greater McAllen area don’t have high school diplomas, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Besides the education loophole, another problem is that the poverty rate is more than double the nation’s, making the luxury of organic produce difficult for the average family in the area.
This data certainly does not reflect the general attitude and hopefulness of an organic produce consumer community in the RGV. We’d like to think of the idea of a Whole Foods or other organic produce food chain as a positive image for the rapidly growing metropolis that is the Rio Grande Valley. Any store, organization or local business with the power of increasing the region’s exposure to health foods and products is a good thing.

Providing the Best in Organic Produce

From our humble beginnings as a ¼ acre artichoke farm, we have always been dedicated to bringing the best-tasting, organic veggies to you and your family. Today at nearly 200 acres of organic goodness, we continue our mission to transform agriculture in our community by fostering the relationship between local farmers and consumers in a way that is environmentally and economically sustainable. Get in touch with us if you’re ready to delve into organic produce.

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