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Go for One of Our Goodie Boxes of Greens!

You may be wondering why purchasing a box of produce would be better than simply going down to your local grocery store and choosing your own veggies. Well, you can think of it as an early Christmas where you receive a surprise gift of healthy deliciousness in the form of greens and vegetables from our very own local and friendly organic produce elves.

We encourage everyone to consider our community supported agriculture (CSA) program for some delicious produce!

Quality Produce with Variety

The volume and quality is perfect for about two weeks of consumption. Tenaza Farms will begin delivery on December 2nd and 3rd for McAllen and Brownsville pickups. Delivery will be every other week. Pickup must be at designated locations and times, but if members cannot make it to pick up their box, they may send someone else to do so for them.

Since the produce is often switched out depending on what is currently in season, the variety of the box may change, which leaves you in for a leafy surprise treat! You can see the beauty of the organic bunch and experience the deliciousness with us. Say, for example, you’ve never tried golden beets. Here’s your chance to whip up some yummy golden beet chips. A vegetable you may have never given a second thought to while walking the produce aisle of your local grocery store may very well become your favorite!

Buy Big, Save More

Another reason to give the goodie box a shot is that you’ll find that after separating and totaling the cost of each item in a given box and comparing them individually to the organic produce prices at your local grocer, you can save anywhere from $10-$25 per box! It’s a simple concept: when you buy in bulk, you save. It’s a win-win situation.

What if you’re a single person or are providing for a small family? Consider going half on the price of the box with a friend or extended family member to share the wealth of organic produce! Vegetarians and vegans have found these produce boxes to be especially helpful in maintaining a meatless diet as the contents are usually hearty greens such as Swiss chard, heads of cabbage, spinach, kale and different types of collard greens.

Leave the Rest to Us

Buying locally can ensure that you know exactly where your food is coming from, and you can rest at ease knowing you’re buying USDA-certified organic produce when you purchase from Tenaza Farms. Purchasing local produce also helps our local farmers and agricultural industry in the Rio Grande Valley. The benefits are endless! We hope you’ll share the joys of green living with us!

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