The Traveling Tomato Guide: Part I

Whether you say tom-A-toe or tom-AH-toe, it all tastes the same. The delicious, juicy “fruitable” (a fruit with a veggie taste and quality) staple we’ve come to love and consume in our daily meals has taken on a whole new personality in the modern kitchen, and we’re here to explore the rise of the tomato! […]

Demand for Organic Produce on the Rise in the Rio Grande Valley

Almost ten years have passed since the idea for a major organic produce food store opening in the Valley was introduced. In 2007, Whole Foods Market made a proposal to rebrand the Sun Harvest grocery store (now renamed Sprouts Market) with the hopes of buying out the company and turning it into a part of […]

Go for One of Our Goodie Boxes of Greens!

You may be wondering why purchasing a box of produce would be better than simply going down to your local grocery store and choosing your own veggies. Well, you can think of it as an early Christmas where you receive a surprise gift of healthy deliciousness in the form of greens and vegetables from our […]

Eggplant is the New Zucchini: A Great and Healthy Recipe

Move over zucchini, there’s a new plant in town! With so much hype about the importance of healthy brain foods and antioxidants in our healthy-eating collective-consciousness, we’ve come to discover and love a new super food: eggplant! The nutritional facts around eggplants tie back to nasunin, which is an antioxidant in this veggie’s peels that […]

Popeye’s Favorite: The Benefits of Spinach – Part 2

In our previous piece, we explored the benefits organic spinach has for the body. In this blog, we’ll discuss what makes up this healthy and delicious treat. There will be a plentiful amount of science up ahead, but it will all be worth knowing to fully understand just how nutritious this veggie is for you […]

What Does the Fall Harvest Have in Store for You?

Fall has officially commenced, and with it comes those cool and cozy nights, the beauty of falling leaves and, of course, the long-awaited football season. But don’t think those are the only things the fall season has in store for us. The cooler temperatures of fall can bring you and your family some fresh and […]

Fresh Summer: The Best Produce for the Season

Summer is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the bounty of the Earth. The season is defined by the tasty and refreshing foods enjoyed in the warm summer sun during family barbeques and holiday weekends. What makes a good summer staple? Ideally, it’s something that’s fresh, satisfying and refreshing, especially during […]